In the dark world of 2050, one group alone stands to battle the menace of the supernatural. The Hawke Foundation is a small private organization based in upstate New York. They have the means, and the knowledge and the will to deal with the dark forces that threaten the embattled world.

One of the world's most powerful sorcerers, ranked above the seventh circle. He is the sixth generation of Hawkes to carry on the family legacy. Possessed of the mythical sword Invictus, he serves as mentor and leader to the Foundation investigative team. Hawke has a Ph.D in ancient languages and teaches on the faculty at several major universities.


The product of a Japanese government experiment in psionics. Originally given the code name Tai-fun, her talent was developed as a psionic superweapon by the Japanese government. However, she broke away from government control, and in her escape laid waste to a massive portion of the Japanese countryside. Hawke helped capture her, and offered her a position as the Foundation's primary psionic investigator.

A convicted felon, brilliant clandestine coder, and mercenary technologist who also uses the handle Kode. In 2048, Rabbit discovered a demonic artifical intelligence that had taken over large portions of the American West Coast information grid. He tried to control it for his own purposes, but realizing it was too powerful, went to Hawke for help in defeating it. Rabbit has a set of cybernetic implants obtained on the black market used for cyberwork. He currently works as the Foundation's chief information officer.

Marvin Conroy, also known as the Hammer, is a veteran officer of US Special Forces unit Texas Thunder. His family was killed by vampires, but Dr. Hawke offered him a way to avenge their deaths and put his skills to good use, and hired him as the Foundation's head of security. Conroy is an expert in both armed and unarmed combat, an expert at infiltration and a master tactician.

Benjamin's niece possesses the Hawke family talent for wizardry and is ranked a wizard of the fourth circle. She is a graduate student in occult studies at the University of Arkham, in Massachusetts, and has just started work at the Foundation.

Several times over the last two decades, the Foundation has battled a vampire currently known as Lucian diVega. diVega was born in 1547 in what is now Spain, but he thoroughly embraces the modern era. He possesses vast personal wealth, which he uses to purchase the most advanced equipment and weaponry to make his vampire clan dominant over all the others. diVega is an extremely skilled combatant with superhuman strength and a demonic intelligence. His clan, based in London, is largely composed of female vampires.